The International College of Bishops is a world-wide ecumenical and service organization providing training, validation and fellowship to those men and women called to the office and dignity of Bishop in the Lord’s Church.

It is our goal and objective to provide an atmosphere of dignity, quality and authoritative training to the under-shepherds of the Church, despite denominational affiliation, cultural barriers and expressions of worship.

Membership in the International College of Bishops is open to those who already serve Christ and His Church as Apostles, Archbishops, Bishops and Overseers, as well as those who are seeking a multicultural, extra-denominational/fraternal Ecclesiastical Covering.

The International College of Bishops offers the following:

    • Ecumenical Councils for the 21st Century
    • Courses of study pertaining to the Historic Episcopate
    • True and authentic lineage via Apostolic Succession
    • Ecumenical Services of Episcopal Consecration
    • Membership in an international fellowship of Church Leaders
    • Leadership, training and advice in matters of Protocol and Canon Law

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