The International College of Bishops

Welcome to the International College of Bishops

It is our goal and objective to provide an atmosphere of dignity, quality and authoritative training to the under-shepherds of the Church, despite denominational affiliation, cultural barriers and expressions of worship.
To our credit, we enjoy the fellowship and unity among the various Reformations stemming from a wide variety of denominations and worship expressions. We are an International Ecclesiastical Fraternity.
Membership in the International College of Bishops is open to those who already serve Christ and His Church as Apostles, Archbishops, Bishops and Overseers, as well as those who are seeking a multicultural, extra-denominational/fraternal Ecclesiastical Covering and avenue of training and fellowship among the Church Universal.
To unite with the International College of Bishops and become a part of this International Ecclesiastical Fraternity of Prelates simply fill out the required application for membership and attach the required documentation for consideration.

2-Day Episcopal Intensive

Come join us for this 2-day Intensive Training in Episcopal Ministry.
Episcopal Offices & Titles
Ecclesiastic Structure & Practice
Apostolic Succession
Constitution & Canons
Choir Attire Do’s & Don’ts
Eucharistic Attire Do’s & Don’ts
Ecumenical Identity

$199.00 per person

Participants receive a Certificate of Completion from

Metropolitan Christian University