The International College of Bishops

The International College of Bishops is a world-wide ecumenical and service organization providing training, validation and fellowship to those men and women called to the office and dignity of Bishop in the Lord’s Church.
It is our goal and objective to provide an atmosphere of dignity, quality and authoritative training to the under-shepherds of the Church, despite denominational affiliation, cultural barriers and expressions of worship.
Membership in the International College of Bishops is open to those who already serve Christ and His Church as Apostles, Archbishops, Bishops and Overseers, as well as those who are seeking a multicultural, extra-denominational/fraternal Ecclesiastical Covering.

ICOB Vision Statement

ICOB is destined to be the Ecumenical Council for the 21st Century. Our goal is to mend the divisions, both racially and nationally so that the church at large can truly be united across denominational and ideological boundaries. We seek to foster an atmosphere of communication, understanding and mutual respect as we collectively lead the church in our respective areas.

ICOB Mission

We envision the 21st century Church embracing true unity. Our task is to manifest the principles of Ephesians chapter 4, as we become living epistles of the same. Our mission is to diligently work to embrace true biblical unity.
Our Strategic Objectives Are:
  1. Walk with all lowliness.
  2. Walk with all meekness.
  3. Walk with longsuffering.
  4. Walk forbearing others in love.
Our Mechanics:
  1. Preach and teach a post reformation theology.
  2. Develop men and women of high integrity.
  3. Pursue godliness as a family priority.
  4. Reshape our respective ministries to focus attention on liberated future generations.