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Episcopal Ethics

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Course Overview

Exploring the Ethics of the Office of the Bishop

Course Description:
This course investigates the ethical considerations and responsibilities inherent in the role of the Bishop within the context of religious institutions, with a focus on Christian traditions. Students will examine the multifaceted dimensions of ethical decision-making, leadership, and accountability that characterize the office of the Bishop.

Throughout the course, students will explore historical perspectives, theological frameworks, and contemporary challenges facing Bishops in their pastoral, administrative, and moral duties. Topics include the biblical foundations of episcopal leadership, the relationship between church and society, the stewardship of resources, and the ethical implications of exercising authority within hierarchical structures.

Drawing from case studies and real-world scenarios, students will critically analyze ethical dilemmas faced by Bishops, including issues of transparency, integrity, and the protection of vulnerable populations. Emphasis will be placed on fostering reflective practices and cultivating moral discernment skills necessary for navigating complex ethical landscapes.

By engaging with a diverse range of perspectives and engaging in dialogue with peers, students will develop a deeper understanding of the ethical responsibilities inherent in the office of the Bishop and cultivate the ethical virtues necessary for effective leadership and pastoral care within religious communities.

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